"Teen Singing Competition 2024" Promoting Multiculturalism, Showcasing Musical Talent

The " Teen Singing Competition 2024" organized by New Home Association - HOME Ethnic Minority Support Service Center and co-organized by the Yau Tsim Mong Multicultural Activity Center, was successfully held this afternoon (April 20, 2024) at theYau Tsim Mong Multicultural Activity Center. The competition aimed to encouragelocal and ethnic minority youths to showcase their musical talents and to foster the exchange and understanding of multiculturalism. The competition wasconducted in both Chinese and English, with scoring criteria that included the contestants' musical skills, performance abilities, creativity, and stage charisma. The judging panel consisted of renowned music educator Mr. Mahmood Rumjahn and famous music tutor Ms. Wan Wing Man.

The competition attracted outstanding young participants from various ethnic backgrounds, includinglocals, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Indians, and Filipinos. They delivered spectacular live performances in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, showcasingtheir unique cultural backgrounds and musical styles. The performances not only brought the atmosphere to a climax but also deeply moved the judges. Mr.Rumjahn and Ms. Wan Wing Man even performed classic songs impromptu to offer encouragement. They motivated the youths, assuring them that as long as they have the dream to pursue music, work tirelessly, and dare to try, regardless oftheir ethnicity, opportunities for success will await them.

The competition garnered supportfrom numerous guests, including Mr. Ho Wing Keung, Senior Equal Opportunities Officer; Ms. Aruna Gurung, Yau Tsim Mong District Councilor; Mr. Nanu Lachman,Chairman of Hong Kong India Club; Ms. Rita Gurung,  Chairperson of Hong Kong Nepal Association; Mr. M.B. Thapa , President of Hong Kong Nepal Social Services (Social andInclusion Education Center); Ms. Neena Pushkarna, President of the Puj Brahman Samaj; and Mr. Mohammad Ilyas Alex, Honorary Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Islamic Trust Foundation.

Mr. Chan Yee Fei, Head of Service(Hong Kong) for New Home Association, stated that Hong Kong has always been asociety that values multiculturalism and inclusiveness. Music has the power totranscend language and cultural barriers. Through this musical competition,youths from different ethnic backgrounds were able to display their unique musical styles and talents, enhancing communication and understanding among the younger generation, uniting youth strength, and promoting social harmony.

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